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GLOBAL STRATEGIES GROUP, a fully formed Political Public Relations firm, has been amidst the action of empowering and facilitating brands, organizations with top of the line services for more than a decade. We deal in Political Celebrity Management, Political Campaigns. We have a downright practical approach for companies and their communication requirements and have been extremely successful in establishing them as exemplary brands.

Our Services

Global Strategies Group provides multiple specialized services to clients from diverse industries but our specializations clearly differentiate us from the other Public Relations (PR) Agencies in India. We have developed extra strengths in representing three of India’s most rapidly evolving sectors

Political Strategy Management

The ever growing competition in the Politics makes it crucial for political parties to do everything possible not only to attract prospective audience’ interest but also to retain it and convert it into loyalty. Political management is a broad and ever evolving field encompassing .

Reputation Management

Reputation management is gaining importance and is likely to be as important as traditional offline PR in the future. Online PR involves activities geared towards influencing media, communities and audiences that exist solely on the Internet using online channels.

Campaign Management

Campaign Management whether it is political or non political, it is essential to have a consistent management to reach the goals and a well organized team which adheres to from top to bottom.We supports superior political campaign strategy management .

The life in Indian villages is simple and isolated; although they are connected now a days with cell phones and digital television transmission, yet they are cut off from the main stream of urban areas due to poor road connectivity and market for their agricultural commodities. The villages do not have enough electricity supply and all those work dependent on electricity, is affected. The health, educational and civil facilities are also either absent or not up to the mark.

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Surveys are a method of gathering information from individuals. Surveys have a variety of purposes, and can be conducted in many ways. Surveys may be conducted to gather information through a printed questionnaire, over the telephone, by mail, in person, by diskette, or on the web.

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Motivation is the driving force behind a person’s actions. There are many different types of motivation, and everyone is inspired by something different. Does setting and accomplishing challenging goals excite you? Is taking a calculated risk an easy decision if you know it will help you succeed? Do you thrive in a setting where you receive both positive and negative feedback because you know it will help you progress and reach new heights?

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