Five years ago, we dared to dream. Today, we are living that dream. Global Strategies group is a specialist communication company where we take utmost care of your Reputation. We don’t just make strategies, we make them work. Global Strategies group offer a reliable and practical platform for an individual or a corporate to create wealth through proper communication and media limelight. Since last five years Global Strategies group has been providing Reputation management, Public relations, Celebrity PR, corporate communications, Brand management, content management and media planning. This is who we are, and these are the reasons why Politicians believe that we are most reliable in Image Building.

If you are a big personality, you need to have a Good Reputation. Ultimately,  it’s your responsibility to ensure you make a good Reputation when someone Google’s  you and that’s exactly what Global Strategies do. We’ll take you through the strategies involved in assessing your current online reputation and what you can do to manage it.

In any campaign, whether for political office, non-profit advocacy or association fundraising, it is crucial to have a consistent strategy for reachable goals that everyone on the team supports. In Political campaign strategy management, we present a unified view of all campaign activity across entire election. Once the campaign strategy is developed, the Global Strategies Group professional services team goes to work. Our team of campaign professionals will work alongside the candidate’s campaign team to brand the candidate and communicate effectively. We are also active in drawing strategies and planning schemes for government.

Global Strategies Group is also the first and only PR Agency in India that provides search engine based Public Relations Services including innovative website design and development; keyword analysis; link popularity building; search engine optimization (SEO); search engine marketing (SEM); Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), search engine submission; topical directory submission and search engine ranking services.

What sets us apart? Our enthusiasm and passion to give clients feasible competitive frame that is unique in the outfit.

It’s a fact of life: Nothing makes a business as successful as exposure in the media. A well executed carefully planned strategy can make a substantial difference to your company’s success. Strategic publicity can do real wonders! We think beyond tools and tactics and holistically create campaigns and strategies. And nobody is better at generating that attention than Global Strategies group , one of the top PR Agencies in India.